What We Believe

   God is so passionate about each one of us; He’s bigger, better and closer than we could imagine. The Bible is the perfect guidebook for living life, and knowing God. Jesus is God clothing himself in humanity so we can see Him. God lives in and through us now by the Holy Spirit and wants us to be filled to overflowing with His presence. 
   Nothing we see around is an accident. God created it all. 
   We could never do enough good things to have a relationship with God. God's grace, through Jesus, is the only way to step into a relationship with Him. Trusting and relying solely upon God is the only way we grow in our relationship with Him. With God we win, all other options lead to failure. God has allowed evil to provide us with two choices. If we choose God, He can bring good even out of evil events and He tells us in the Bible that there is victory for those who choose Him. Death is a beginning, not an end. The beginning of the rest of your life will be in one of two very real places, heaven or hell. The church is God’s family and He wants the church to do as He did, to serve people just as He did. Jesus is very real and He is coming back.